by Sergio Aversa, CEO and Art Director

Just a few days ago, my team and I have finally completed and delivered the new website of Consorzio Costa Smeralda, the authority which owns that fraction of land in the North-Eastern tip of Sardinia, which has been representing one of the most popular touristic destinations worldwide for over 50 years.

However, the website is only the first step of a wider digital communication strategy, aimed at telling this destination from a more conscious point of view. In fact, the big challenge of this project is to highlight those peculiarities that, concealed behind the veil of some clichés, would risk to be unnoticed.

In fact, I found out the presence of high-value factors whose potential had to be used. I am referring to the work carried out by the "founding fathers". They have approached this corner of the world with a reverential respect for nature, guided by an aware vision ofsustainable development. Today, in the corporate sector, we would call this philosophy "social responsibility". In other words, I realized that the Costa Smeralda has always had what, today, many economic realities try to achieve artificially, by changing their policies.

Indeed, since the very beginning all the activities accomplished in the area - which at that time was only an uncontaminated and almost inaccessible land - have been carried out in the name of a strict safeguard of ecological and environmental values, also through the establishment of technical bodies under control of the Consorzio itself.

For example, the Consorzio called for the spontaneous foundation - therefore independent from all the legal constraints that at the time did not exist - of an Architecture Committee: an institution responsible for the monitoring of the construction of private residences and accommodation facilities as well as their harmonious integration into the local landscape frame.

In this regard, I also had the honor to meet Arch. Saverio Busiri Vici, one of the architects involved, together with his father Michele (and also Couelle, Vietti, Martin and Simon Mossa) in that pioneering Architecture Committee. A technical body able to create a completely new stylistic language, by combining the cultural background of these architects with the thousand-year constructive tradition of Mediterranean and elements of Sardinian craftsmanship. The result was the creation of an unparalleled architectural style in the world.

Nowadays, Costa Smeralda still benefits the effects of that "sustainable development project" based on the respect of Sardinian culture (customs and products) and the provision of a range of services aimed at the protection and enhancement of the territory.

What we have done so far follows and reinforces what is stated by the new CEO Mario Ferraro, according to which: "through the enhancement of energies and investments, the Consorzio wants to reiterate its role as guardian of the areaby preserving the nature with sustainable projects and initiatives in compliance with the efforts required by the modernity, so that the myth of Costa Smeralda is always at the forefront of the global tourism market".

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