The fashion world is inexorably changing. In the last years we have noticed that new factors - like emotions and sustainability - are slowly replacing the traditional criteria in the purchasing process (like price, style, trend ecc.) along with the rise of a more aware and demanding class of consumers.

However, while many brands try to achieve these goals through massive marketing campaigns, a new Italian brand has been able to "ride" these trends in such a natural way and make a step forward in the international spotlight after only 2 years of history: its name is Exkite

Conceived by the mind of the former pro-kiter and tester Renzo Mancini and his wife, the Norwegian stylist Eirinn Skrede, it is based on the concept of recycling kites used by professional kiters in order to make them "fly again". In other words, by joining their forces and backgrounds (sport and fashion) they strive to collect kites from all over the world before turning them into original items of clothing. More precisely, while the creative soul of Eirinn imagines innovative and original designs, Renzo personally selects the most interesting kites according to their story, thanks to his special relationship with the athletes.

In fact, having visited exotic and faraway locations, seen amazing wonders from above, danced across oceans and been kissed and caressed by the wind, kites have a romantic background by nature: they are meant to bring the spirit of their former owners into an original streetwear collection. Through the claim "wear a story", the company then aims to underline how storytelling can allow the customers to identify in a character and their story, producing an emotional thrust which would otherwise be hard to move. 

In addition, by recycling the kites used during tests, competitions and adventures, Exkite has a natural attitude to social responsibility, namely the capability to pursue healthier way of making business regardless of any legal constraints.

We truly believe that the above-mentioned factors should be the starting points to imagine a new way to create fashion with a soul, able to give emotions by pursuing a more sustainable business. 

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