Since we got into the digital era many things have changed. We are now facing a further transformation process along with the decline of traditional marketing and advertising techniques, often perceived by the customers as intrusive and annoying.

By the way, we have noticed the rise of a new, refined and aware class of consumers much more demanding and informed together with the development of new marketing strategies that would perfectly suit this kind of clientele. That's why, according to our experience, one of the most important and effective ways to talk to them is the inbound marketing.

It is a marketing discipline that helps the companies to figure out what their clients look for through the identification of specific buyer personas, namely profiles of potential clients based on specific behaviors across different channels (researches on search engines, traffic on social media etc.).

The following step is therefore to produce specific contents able to meet the needs of these people (not general contents for a general audience), turn them into qualified contacts and increase the volume of incomes.

"Quite often, entrepreneurs ask something to improve their business but they even don't know what they exactly look for - said Marcello Mascellini, CEO and Co-Founder of WebNovo, partner of Creative Web Studio, together with Pierpaolo Villano - That's why the Inbound Marketing can turn a latent desire into a keen strategy based on real needs. In fact, the first step of an Inbound strategy is to attract new customers by sharing useful and specifically thought contents identified with the support of analytic data generated by a platform (like hubspot)".

In this way you will be allowed to optimize efforts and "nourish" your leads only through contents and ideas that they will find useful and constructive.

Nowadays, however, the Inbound Marketing is not so widespread because requires at least a basic knowledge of the field, a great disposable income and a strong will to invest in content marketing. Moreover, the Inbound Marketing is particularly suitable for socially responsible companies because it makes them grow by allowing them to intercept the above-mentioned customers and their will to be informed.

"Those asking for an inbound strategy are usually people who have already faced the first step of the digital revolution or trusted clients who want to boost their business. In both cases we are talking about clients who have a large economic availability, a basic digital culture and are ready to make a step forward. As an expert of the field, I can say that the Inbound Marketing is particularly proper for long-term decision processes because the more information your customers need to make a decision, the more your company could reap benefits from such a strategy".

In a few words, the Inbound Marketing helps to monitor the customer journey (unknown --> visitor --> prospect --> client) in order to guide him/her to your products or services through a personalized process and added-value contents.

We believe that this might be a step forward in the marketing world, above all for its capability to give the final users a high-quality amount of information, instead of wasting  resources in terms of time and profits.


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