Who deals with communication knows that there is nothing better than being witness of a change and contribute to its success.

By working strictly in contact with the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo in the definition of a communication strategy, we have seen at first hand the deep changes involving the luxury world (what really is luxury?) concurrently with the rise of new models of economic development.

In fact, the globalization, through an intense movement of goods, information and cultures, has created a new, more sophisticated and aware class of tourists and consumers.

While many struggle to understand these transformations or put into practice old strategies, the entrepreneur Andrea Brugnoni has been able to seize a great opportunity through a brilliant idea and an ambitious research project.

The core of this idea is the birth of the Promenade du Port in Porto Cervo: a boardwalk dotted with art and design galleries, ateliers and fashion concept stores which is now emerging as a symbol of a new Costa Smeralda.

In fact, the Promenade du Port can be defined as a real "Cultural District", not only for the presence of a museum and a huge number of galleries (traditionally far from the common and unfortunately widespread image of Costa Smeralda) but above all because it is art that boosts the economy of the whole area.

For nine months, the curator searches and selects those "commercial" activities that, in Italy and abroad, best represent the excellence in fashion, food, art and design, choosing them according to their philosophy and ability to offer the customers the added value of an experience.

The Promenade du Port is so demonstrating that art can be an effective vehicle of economic development, by generating new brands (which open for the first time within the district and in the world afterwards) and allowing them to achieve goals that otherwise they wouldn't be able to do in other contexts.

In addition, we cannot forget the stunning scenario of Costa Smeralda and its extraordinary socio-cultural context, all factors that contribute to making the Promenade du Port an unparalleled source of inspiration worldwide.

Creative Web Studio not only shares the ideas behind this model, but promotes and offers it to those customers who wish to meet the challenges of the new era in the luxury retail.

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