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01. Corporate Communication

We provide comprehensive communication strategies across the media. Each service, in agreement with the customer, can be performed by our internal and external professionals or other figures flagged directly by the partners.

02. Web Marketing, SEM & SEO

We offer technical and strategic consulting on creating SEO contents. The goal is to achieve a better ranking on search engines (Google in particular), so as to make the website more easily traceable by the interested public.

03. Web Design

We set up dynamic and cutting-edge websites specifically designed to underline the characteristics of the clients.

04. Storytelling

The art of the storytelling is an ancient tool, but very timely, used by poets and copywriters. It allows to give the readers an incredible emotional boost, making them feel part not only of a particular story, but also of the brand that a certain story contains or describes.

05. E-commerce

In recent years the web has demonstrated the enormous potential of the e-commerce and the importance of having suitable channels for this purpose. In this regard, we develop e-commerce platforms and configurators specifically thought on the basis of the products sold, so as to allow our customers to go directly on the international markets.

06. Advertising Design

We design advertising banners for products and services, by combining our graphical and textual skills. Afterwards, we study the best solution for the publication, in order to increase the strength and visual impact.

07. Social Media Marketing

The Social Networks are becoming even more important for a proper and comprehensive communication strategy. In fact, the world wild web has put companies and customers on a horizontal level, in a framework where they may communicate and interact in a easier and more direct way. This is a great advantage for the companies because they can better take care of relationships with their customers, answer questions individually and consolidate their trust. CWStudio provides technical and strategic consulting services on all these sectors, supporting its clients in the implementation of long-term strategies.

08. Digital PR e Web Reputation

We also provide consulting services on Digital PR, an increasingly important factor for those who want to protect their web reputation. In fact, it is important to study and analyze the major trends in order to understand the global sentiment on a certain matter and, if necessary, take measures for improvement.

09. Virtual & Augmented Reality

We use augmented reality and virtual reality to create unique and immersive experiences, using these technologies it is possible to convey to the user a series of information in an effective and emotional way.

10. Corporate Identity

We can handle every aspect of our customers' image (logo, business cards, letterheads etc.), so to make it consistent and uniform across all the communication channels.

11. Virtual Tour HD

We realize virtual tours of public and private places. In this way, we give the users the chance to explore a preview of the place of destination directly from their couch. Our expertise in the field of computer graphics, with the support of external professionals, allow us to realize 3D drawings and digital images aimed at studying a structure which does not exist yet. This technique is particularly suitable for the representation of both external and internal spaces, in order to be able to study in advance colors, perspectives and the overall aesthetic effect.

12. Press Office

Thanks to the cooperation with journalists we can also draft press releases and monitor the information flow around a specific topic, by combining traditional editorial skills with new technological tools.

13. Photo e Video Shooting and Editing

We produce videos and photo shootings associated to a keen post-production work (especially with softwares such as photoshop, lightroom and illustrator). Thanks to the use of drones we give our customers the opportunity to have aerial shots of cities, villages, accommodations, sport centers or major events. Thanks to its versatility, the service allows multiple maneuvering possibilities and it is always discreet, eco-friendly and totally accessible


Brand Strategy e Communication plan

In a phase of standardization of products and services it is important that companies get able to emphasize their peculiarities through proper communication strategies, both online and offline. In fact, in increasingly globalized world, it is important to grasp the opportunities offered by the growing internationalization of products and services. Thanks to the cooperation with many international partners, CWStudio supports companies in assessing the best commercial opportunities, discovering unexplored market areas, by setting up temporary shops in the most prestigious national and international scenarios.

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